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Majestic Maritime Services Pte Ltd is an ISO/IEC 17020:2012 certified company endorsed by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC), and is an active member of the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA).

Majestic Maritime Services was established in early 2013 as an independent local company in Singapore, at a time where the bunker industry was already beginning to re-position itself as a more transparent, more ethical and more open industry it has evolved to be today. We shared the same ideals, and aspired to build a platform where we were able to align ourselves in this direction, and work with an extensive portfolio of like-minded clients.

Back then, Majestic Maritime Services revolved around three core values – Engage, Entrust, and Ensure. To date, we still hold these values close to our heart, as it definitive of what we stand for in this highly competitive marketplace.

Today, we continue to pride ourselves in our commitment by ensuring that we deliver top-notch service to our customers. We aim to foster trust in our clients with our professionalism, ethics and integrity as well as stay engaged in building lasting relationships.


With our inspection services, you can be assured that you will be receiving timely, impartial and well-documented evidence to safeguard you against any irregularities. We understand it is imperative for our clients to be well-covered with respect to damages, claims and losses of high value cargoes, be it on land or sea. Marine surveying and inspections also allow for early detection, potentially avoiding huge costs down the road.

Majestic Maritime Services provide you with accurate and reliable analyses of the quantity at loading or discharging point, either onboard vessels, and in supply storage and/or on barges as required. We act as your eyes and ears, and offer subject matter advice and consultancy for preemptive measures, or in the event when things do go awry.

  • Measurement of receiving vessel and bunker tanker before and after delivery.
  • Quantity calculation to establish both supplied quantity and received quantity are accurate.
  • Bunker fuel sampling in accordance with industry standards.
  • Ensure system integrity of Mass Flow Meter (where applicable) is maintained.
  • Keep check of operational roles of vessel and bunker tanker crew.
  • Detailed and informative bunker survey reports.
  • Quality testing and analysis at designated SAC approved laboratories.
  • Bunker detective survey.
  • Recovery of undeclared / under-declared bunker fuel.
  • Random / routine check on vessel Remaining On Board (ROB) bunker fuel.
  • Detailed survey report against historical data from vessel’s logbooks.
  • Similar to on-board vessel quantity (ROB) survey.
  • Conducted during vessel delivery from the Owner to the Charterer and vessel redelivery after the charter ends, when the custody of bunker fuel is transferred from one party to another.
  • May include bunker detective survey (usually during off-hire).
  • May include vessel general condition survey (appointed by Owner or Charterer, to record vessel condition at the commencement or end of the charter).
  • Detailed survey report against historical data from vessel’s logbooks.
  • Usually conducted prior to a charter or an acquisition of a vessel to determine the vessel condition.
  • Appointed by P&I clubs, ship owners, ship brokers, etc.
  • Comprehensive inspection of vessel holds, decks and cargo working areas to identify any damage present prior to on / off hire.
  • Detailed condition survey report for comparison with previous vessel condition survey to determine if any damages have occurred in between the time span.
  • Usually conducted after commencement of delivery without the presence of a surveyor prior to delivery.
  • Troubleshoot and identify root causes of disputes and / or protests.
  • Check for anomalies, tampered seals or alteration of pipelines during a Mass Flow Meter supply (where applicable).
  • Minimize and aim to resolve the dispute between parties involved.
  • Making sure that cargoes are fully up to weight, condition and performance.
  • Witness cargo loading and / or discharge, ensuring quantity, quality and condition is accurately and properly loaded or discharged.
  • Understand potential effects of different storage methods for different cargoes (dry or liquid).
  • Compliance with local regulations and statutory requirements which may impact the loading, discharge or transport of the cargo.
  • Detailed reports with ‘time bound’ recommendations to assist clients in their decision making process.


The role of a surveyor goes beyond mere measurement or calibration. In recent times, especially with the advent of Mass Flow Meters (MFM), the surveyor has evolved to to become multi-faceted.

Apart from being independent and impartial, without any conflict of interest in performing their duties, the surveyor must be fully competent in the operation of MFMs. MFMs are not “plug and play”, but are complex measurement systems which require attention to:

Independent verification ensures the MFM system maintains its integrity and is fully compliant. Potential problems can also be identified and rectified before it escalates.

Working in tandem with MPA-approved vendors and contractors allows for a repository of best practices of proper measures and troubleshooting to undertake in the event of disputes, system breaches or non-compliance.

Competency in analysing meter readings and data analytics helps in understanding the co-relation between metrics and operations, as well as identifying irregularities and ensuring system integrity

Periodic system inspections ensures that the MFM system has not been tampered with, and controls uncertainty within the tolerance limits. Regular inspections reduce negligence, and also allow for early detection of problems, which may lead to dispute claims and a breach of trust.

We work hand-in-hand with official vendors contracted by the MPA, offering a holistic approach to the transition to MFM systems in the near future.

We adopt a pre-emptive stance in preventing incidents before they occur, rather than “fire-fighting” after issues have arisen.



Our team is highly experienced and proactive in providing round-the-clock services for our clients, including prompt appointments


We continuously seek to improve by aligning ourselves with the latest technological know-how and market information. We try harder to create value for our clients


We take away our clients’ concerns by being fully present at every appointment, and by acting with their best interests at heart. Our track record is testament to the trust our clients have placed in us





We are active in South East Asia – with a strong focus in Singapore and Malaysia. We have also successfully implemented Bunker Quantity (BQS) and Quality Surveys in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.








Do you need to calculate the quantity of the bunker fuel supplied to your vessel?

Perfect for purchasers and the commercial or chartering people who may not have the technical background, or even the technical department and crew on board – this app lets you to calculate the quantity of bunker fuel in just seconds!

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